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The goal of this initiative is to create an awareness of major health concerns and issues that disproportionately affect African-American women and heighten minority communities through the advocation of health education and increased access to resources. 

African American Community Health


Member Service

This initiative is to foster service within and outside of the organization. Swing Phi Swing acknowledges that every member has a talent and/or an unique perspective, and when shared with those in need, it helps to foster positive effects within the organization and in their local communities, creating a new dimension in their own lives and the lives they touch. No matter what the talent or gift our members share with others, it helps to sustain a culture of relationship-building among many groups, including youth, seniors, businesses and other charitable organizations.


This initiative looks to promote self-awareness, self-esteem, self-respect, and  academic achievement among young ladies in order to encourage and provide  opportunities for them to become community leaders.

Youth Mentoring


Health & Fitness

The purpose of this initiative is to actively seek and promote healthier lifestyles amongst minority women. It is imperative for them take control of their health through exercising regularly and healthy eating. Health fairs, seminars, and programs provide user-friendly information and tools related to  nutrition, food,  hygiene, and other health issues. 


Supplies for Success

 This initiative is to aid and equip students and teachers at community schools in need with the proper resources to produce positive learning environments. Providing new and sustainable classroom supplies and materials is essential to any learning experience. Continued efforts increase available resources and services to our nations's youth to "promote higher intelligence".

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